Daily Prompt: Three Letter Words

TDaily Prompt: Three Letter Words. Godly Love: that’s what conquers. Through life’s experiences we have seen loving relationships suffer heart breaks.  Some people  become victims of nations conflict, experiencing senseless killings.  Dehumanization becomes a lifestyle in some environments.                                                                        Only a Creators love sees more than meet creations vision of sight.Through divine vision of this creator sanity becomes sustainable.Embracing your divine love makes your soul closer to your creator; a spiritual being thats what human beings  represent on earth. A bond with your creator means soul deep love! A true reflection of your Alpha plus Omega becomes achievable. He lives in your heart. Simply search your heart, find that great undying love, spread it! It flows, it brings freedom to your being. Loving others becomes effortless! Good love is Godly love.


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